Cell Division Section Summary
 Cell Division Review and Reinforce

 Cytokinesis in Plant Cells and Animal Cells
Mitosis Web Sites:

Learn the steps in mitosis by going to this next site. Excellent pictures of the phases of mitosis accompany the text. Try the interactive mitosis connection link on page one.

The following is an excellent site for learning about cell division. The diagrams are especially helpful in gaining a clear understanding of mitosis.

This next site links you directly to the textbook which we use in class. What you find here is an "interactive" site that will reinforce or help clarify all that we cover in class. You will also find practice tests to help you learn the information and better prepare you to be successful in this course. I encourage all of you to use this site frequently. There are links to other sites that will help you understand the concepts and to see ideas / facts presented in different ways. This will help reinforce the learning process. Good luck!