Scientific Equipment

 Compound Light Microscope (LM)
used to enlarge an image
 Graduated Cylinder
used to measure the volume of liquids
 Microscope Slide
supports an item being examined under the microscope

 Cover slip
covers specimen on a slide
holds liquids while they are being stirred or heated  


   Test Tube Brush
      used to clean test tubes                                                                           
 Evaporating Dish
used for heating solids     
 Pinch Clamps
used to control the flow of liquids through tubing
assists in transferring liquids to containers with smaller openings

used to ignite a burner
 Test Tubes
holds liquids for observation or testing
 Safety goggles
protects the eyes from damaging substances
 Pipet pump
dispenses known volumes of liquids

used to transfer small amounts of liquids
used to hold or lift specimens

 Magnifying glass
enlarges the image of an object
containers used for "strong" heating

 Test Tube Rack
holds test tubes during observation or testing
 Wash Bottle
used for rinsing solids out of a container

used for exact measurements of liquids

chemical spoons used to transfer solids from their original container to a scale for weighing
 Wire Gauze
adds additional support for containers held on tripods or O-rings
 Crucible Tongs
 used for picking up crucibles & crucible covers only

 Mortar & Pestle
used to grind solids into powders
 Florence Flask
used to store liquids

 Erlenmeyer Flask
used to store solutions
 Dissecting Pan
holds specimen being dissected

 Test Tube Holder
holds test tubes while heating
 Electronic  Balance
used for weighing substances
 Bunsen Burner
heat source
used to measure temperature

used to cap flasks containing liquids
used for cutting specimens being dissected
hose used for connecting glassware
 Petri Dish
plate used to culture microorganisms
 Triple Beam  Balance
used for weighing substances

used with ring stands to support heated vessels
 Volumetric Flask
used to mix precise volumes of liquids
 Watch Glass
used on top of beakers when heating
used to remove moisture from substances

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